Learning Through Play

At the Roseburg Playschool Co-Op, we believe that the most important thing a preschooler works on is play. Children learn more when they are having fun! Learn more about our Roseburg area preschool

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Roseburg Playschool Co Op - Roseburg Preschool

Playschool classes begin the week of October 5. We currently have openings in Tot and Preschool AM classes. 🙂

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“The teachers are absolutely amazing!…”

Over 50 Years And Counting, The Roseburg Playschool Co-Op Is The Longest Running Preschool In Roseburg and Douglas County 

Every fall dozens of families bring their children, 18 months through 5 years old, through the doors of the Roseburg Playschool Co-Op and into a learning environment unlike any other in Douglas County.

We believe in the co-op philosophy where parents are more involved in their child’s pre-school education and we believe that play is a core element to help pre-school age children learn the important lessons that will prepare them for kindergarten, and life.

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Our Goal At Playschool

The goal of Roseburg Playschool Co-op is to develop people who think imaginatively, who have original ideas, and who welcome opportunities to put their ideas into action.

We begin during the early preschool years to encourage a variety of experiences that will foster original thinking and action. All children have creative ability and can find pleasure and satisfaction through creative activities if they have proper guidance and encouragement….

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