The Playschool Mission + Our Teachers

For over fifty years, Roseburg Playschool Cooperative has provided exceptional programs for preschool-aged children.

Our success over the years with our Roseburg Preschool is a reflection of the commitment and involvement of generations of parents, each seeking to assure that their child’s introduction to education is as filled with joy and wonder as possible.

As a member of this cooperative family, we welcome your involvement.

The decisions and guidelines that govern our school are made by parents serving on our Board of Directors and by each parent individually.

The goal of Roseburg Playschool Co-op is to develop people who think imaginatively, who have original ideas, and who welcome opportunities to put their ideas into action. We begin during the early preschool years to encourage a variety of experiences that will foster original thinking and action. All children have creative ability and can find pleasure and satisfaction through creative activities if they have proper guidance and encouragement.

Playschool furnishes equipment and an atmosphere that is appropriate to a child’s development. Materials and activities are selected so that each child can develop his/her individuality and imagination. Provided with tools and the time, children learn to initiate their own exploration and discovery. They learn to use the art and play equipment responsibly and are required to clean up after themselves. Through playing together they learn to accept compromises essential to human interaction and relationships.

We realize there are other options when you’re looking at preschools in Roseburg and Douglas County, and we’re proud to welcome you and dozens of other families into Playschool this year!

– Miss Heather
Playschool Coordinator

Our Teachers:

heather goin playschool roseburg teacher

Miss Heather – For well over a decade, Heather Goin has brought incredible energy, enthusiasm, and genuine love for children to Playschool. Her teaching philosophy is that “the true work of childhood is play,” and that belief is what brought her to Playschool.

Her primary objective is to ensure that every child that comes through our school has a fun and memorable first experience that will get them excited about their future education. She loves children, the outdoors, horses, and being involved in Search and Rescue . Heather is a Roseburg native and former Playschool mom. She is married with two grown children (both Playschool graduates!) and a menagerie of pets.

Miss Ana – Miss Ana is an assistant teacher for the Preschool and PreK classes and has many years of experience in early childhood development programs. Ana Orozco began her career with young children almost two decades ago. She joined Playschool in 2013. Ana truly feels working with children is her passion. Her greatest strength is being able to connect with children of all ages. She believes children succeed more when they enjoy what they are doing. Ana is a firm believer that children “learn through play”. In her free time she loves spending time with her family and enjoys the outdoors. Ana was born in Mexico and moved to the U.S. when she was 12 years old. She is married and is the mother of two teenage sons.

Miss Emery– Miss Emery joined us at Playschool in 2018 through her high school’s cadet teaching program. After graduation, we were so happy to keep her on the staff! She is an assistant teacher in all of our Preschool and PreK classes. Emery Goin’s love of children and the Playschool community shines through in everything she does. She wants every child to develop a love of learning; she is especially gift ted in making each and every child feel welcome and included. Emery loves horses, dogs, reading and watching movies.

Miss Brittney– Miss Brittney is our Tots and Preschool teacher, joining Playschool in 2021. She strongly believes that the most important part of early childhood learning is play, and that preschool years help foster a love of learning that can be carried with the children for years to come. Her goal is for every child within our walls to feel safe, comfortable, and heard so that they can learn and grow. Brittney Woods has her Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University and has experience teaching as well as aiding in preschool classrooms. She is a mom to two girls, and has been a Playschool parent for 4 years. In her free time Brittney enjoys sewing clothes for her kids or working in her garden. 

Our Location

roseburg playschool co-op location
Roseburg Playschool Co-Op is located onsite at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg, Oregon.
Our school location affords us a unique opportunity to offer our kiddos access to an outdoor playground, walks amongst the horse stables, and an ample outside area to explore. The fairgrounds hosts many child and family friendly events, and we get to explore and take part in all of them!  It is a wonderful place to be a kid!

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